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The Himalaya Drug Company
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1 Bottle of 60 Tablets
Store in a cool and dark place
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Ashwagandha Capsules with 2x Immunity are a clinically established product manufactured with 100 percent pure extracts of the best grade Ashwagandha. These Ashwagandha Capsules, unlike Ashwagandha churna, are easy to consume and help you relax by controlling your stress levels after a long day, as well as alleviating fatigue and weakness and restoring your natural bodily strength. Ashwagandha Capsules can boost overall immunity when taken on a regular basis. It also aids in the treatment of debility caused by old age, as well as uneasiness and anxiety. It is used as an Ayurvedic herb to treat sleeplessness, enhance energy, and increase the body’s stamina and vitality. Ashwagandha is an immunomodulator that boosts immunity and has potent anti-oxidant properties that assist to reduce oxidative stress. Ashwagandha has a neuroprotective effect, which means it helps to strengthen neurons (brain’s functional units), which can assist with cognitive skills including learning, focus, and memory. Ashwagandha also aids in the relief of general weakness and stress, making it an excellent choice for your overall health.

Uses & Benefits

  • Ashwagandha is a plant that is high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.
  • Ashwagandha is a herb that is proven to increase overall endurance.
  • Ashwagandha is known to nourish bodily tissues in addition to being a powerful immune booster.
  • Ashwagandha is a herb that is used to relieve stress and boost immunity.

Directions for Use

1 pill twice a day, or as prescribed by your healthcare provider

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