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Marketed By:
Abbott Laboratories
Therapeutic Classification:
Baby Care
Packaging Size:
1 Tin of 400gm Powder
Store in a cool, dry place
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The Similac Isomil Soy Infant Formula is a soy-based, dairy-free, lactose-free, and low-infant formula for osmolality. It is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of infants suffering from lactose intolerance or sensitivity, milk allergies, diarrhea and galactosemia management. Similac Isomil containing soy protein isolates and its nucleotides appear to show support for the child’s development of digestive and immune systems. The unique carbohydrate combination, which has two different absorption modes, helps increase absorption and reduces the risk of malabsorption. The unique (non-palm oil) combination of Similac Isomil has been shown to provide excellent calcium absorption and soft stools. It is designed for common feeding problems and helps reduce noise, gas, and vomiting. In addition, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals (such as calcium and iron) are known to support a child’s healthy growth.

Uses & Benefits

  • It is a soy-based, non-dairy, lactose-free, and infant formula with low osmolality.
  • Meets the needs of infants suffering from lactose intolerance or sensitivity, milk allergies, diarrhea and galactosemia
  • It supports the child’s development of digestive and immune systems
  • It contains a unique carbohydrate compound, with two different removal methods to help increase absorption and reduce the risk of malabsorption
  • Provides excellent absorption of calcium and soft seats with a different blend of oil (palm oil)
  • It is specially designed for common eating disorders and helps to reduce noise, gas, and vomiting
  • It contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals
  • It supports the healthy growth of the child
  • It is for children of vegan families

Directions for Use

  • Use as directed by your physician
  • Use water that has previously been boiled at a full rolling boil for 5 minutes
  • Allow the water to cool and follow mixing instructions carefully
  • Repeated use of improperly prepared formula could cause illness
  • Use only the scoop enclosed in this tin to measure Similac Isomil
  • If preparing more than one feeding, it must be refrigerated and used within 24 hours
  • Once feeding begins, use within one hour or discard

Safety Advice

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of the children
  • Infant milk substitute is not the sole source of nourishment for an infant
  • Careful and hygienic preparation of infant milk substitute is essential for health
  • Do not use fewer scoops than directed since diluted feeding will not provide adequate nutrients needed by your infant
  • Do not use more scoops than directed since concentrated feed will not provide the water needed by your infant
  • Lactose-free infant milk substitute should only be used in case of diarrhoea due to lactose intolerance
  • This lactose-free infant milk substitute should be withdrawn if there is no improvement in symptoms of intolerance
  • Infant food/Infant milk substitute should be used only on the advice of a health worker as to the need for its use and the proper method of its use
  • Once this tin is opened, contents should be used within three weeks or within the expiry date whichever is earlier
  • For product-related queries, contact customer care officer at Toll-Free Number:1800-266-0448 or email at [email protected]
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